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08/12/38 · BAAAABES!! OMG these contacts are literally toooo die for!!! I hope you like this video and do not forget my coupon code for cash off!!! Vision Marketplace w. 25/02/41 · Because so many of you wanted me to make a comparison of the Solotica Hidrocor SAFIRA and TOPAZIO I decided to create a compare video. I only use natural light so you get the best results if. Our most popular colored contact lens collection, Solotica Hidrocor yearly is a must have! Without a limbal ring, Solotica Hidrocor is undoubtedly the most natural of all colored contact lenses, available in 12 breathtaking color ways, you are sure to find your favorite color combination within this stellar line up.

Solotica color contact lenses provide a safe and unique way to enhance your appearance. Solotica blends many exciting colors and a special unique technique to create the most subtle, natural and realistic colored contact lenses available. Solotica Hidrocor are the most opaque lenses in the Solotica range, with no limbal ring. Solotica Hidrocor is a yearly lens sold by single lens and Solotica Hidrocor monthly is a monthly disposable lens sold in a pack of 2 lenses. Solotica Hidrocor is available in 12 beautiful shades while Solotica Hidrocor monthly is available in 5 shades inspired by the yearly collection. Uniglo Trading is the official authorized distributor for the world famous brand of colored contact lenses Solotica, used by celebrities all over the world! Solotica collections Hidrocor. Merely illustrative images - colors may vary according to the user's original iris color. Solotica contact lenses are available in a variety of colors and styles with and without prescription. Hidrocor and Natural Colors are the most popular and see on many celebrities and influencers around the world. BEWARE of stores claiming to be the "official" Solotica page with no Solotica.

05/03/40 · Meet our colored contacts lenses, already well known in many countries. Solótica are the most natural colored lenses in the market. Click and see our products! Welcome to Solotica UK, official suppliers of Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses. Feel free to browse our range of fast selling cosmetic & prescription contact lenses. Free fast worldwide shipping is included in the price! Visit our Instagram page @solotica_uk or our Facebook page Solotica UK to view how the lenses look on our customers! You can. Solotica Hidrocor is the top-selling collection from Solotica and most popular in Australia, UK, USA, France, Canada, and Spain. They do not have a limbal ring, resulting in a soft and natural appearance that will brighten your face What are Solotica Hidrocor contact lenses? Hidrocor are produ. We are an official Solotica retailer. We sell Solotica lenses at unbeatable prices! £59 for the yearly lenses with FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING! One of our personal favs! This is a beautiful light-medium hazelnut undertone that is beautiful on its own or dressed up with a smokey eye. We like to call this lens our most romantic looking lens. If you’re looking for a lens slightly lighter, look into Solotica Hidrocor Ocre. Color Category Hazel, No Limbal Ring. Express shipping worldwide.

Solotica Cyprus.

Solotica Lenses Online is an online store specialising in cosmetic & prescription yearly lenses. We are known for selling the most realistic lenses in the game with celebrities and major influencers from all over the world now wearing them. Our globally famous lenses, try the Hidrocor range today! Official Solótica® UK retailer, selling cosmetic and prescription powered lenses. We offer Next Day UK Delivery and FREE fast worldwide shipping. Follow us on Instagram @theeyecorner and tag us at theeyecorner to be featured. SOLOTICA is a UK brand selling colored and prescription colored lenses. They also sell cosmetics and are known because of the quality of the product. The lenses can be selected from natural color, HIDROCOR, HIDROCHARME, and SOLFLEX ranges each of which are different in color and coverage properties. How to use a Solotica Special Offer? 1. Solotica Hidrocor Mel Honey Light Green Lenses - Yearly No Prescription. 1 Pair 2 lenses durable for 1 year You only need 1 box per year Solotica lenses are the most natural looking color contact lenses in the world and are used by many celebrities, makeup artists and bloggers.

There are 5 collections Solotica: Solotica Hidrocor Monthly, Solotica Hidrocor Yearly, Solotica Hidrocor Rio, Solotica Naturalcolors and Solotica Solflex Naturalcolors. If you need toric colored contacts it’s also possible ! All Solotica Lenses are available with or without power. solotica_lens_official. @solotica_lens_official 🧏‍♀️Lenses last 12 months! ⌨️ 💌1-6 Days Express Delivery Worldwide.

Coloured contact lenses, with uniform pigmentation and no Limbal ring. The Hidrocor line has to be replaced within 6-12 months depending on quality of cleaning/storage. Replace within 6-12 months dependant on quality of cleaning/storage/wear Lens Case Included No Solution Included 2 lenses in box PLEASE NOTE: Colour may vary depending on existing eye colour/skin tone/eye shape/lighting. Solotica contact lenses its here. Hidrocor, Natural Colors, Solflex Natural Colors, and more brands. Worldwide delivery with the best price. This lens offers a deep dark blue tone for that mysterious look. It’s blue tone makes it unique and the darkness of the lens blends beautifully with your eyes. Color Category Blue, No Limbal Ring. Express shipping worldwide. USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Brazil, Asia, Dubai, Middle East. Official Solotica Contact Lenses. Lens Emporia.

Solotica Official Store - Shop Online Express Delivery USA.

Colored Contact Lenses Solotica HIDROCOR Yearly Grey Grafite Add to Cart. US$68.98 Price: Up to 20% OFF Hurry up! Don't miss your chance. Free Shipping over $199. Totally Safe Transaction All type of security payments. Contact Us info@. Newsletter. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Solotica UK Official page! Unbeatable prices and Unbeatable customer service. Solotica Lenses are internationally renowned for being the most natural and high quality lenses! Visit our shop now to buy lenses worn by the Kardashians! Manufacturer: Solotica Brazil What it contains: 1 pair of YEARLY lensesLens Case; Solotica Lenses are the most natural looking lenses in the world and are used by many celebrities, makeup artists and bloggers. Scroll below to see more photos of the SOLOTICA HIDROCOR OCRE.

Manufacturer: Solotica Brazil What it contains: 1 pair right and left eye Solotica are the most natural looking color in the world and are used by many celebrities, makeup artists and bloggers. Scroll below to see more photos of the SOLOTICA HIDROCOR AMBAR. SOLOTICA HIDROCOR OCRE HAZEL SOLOTICA HIDROCOR OCRE HAZEL Regular price $100.00 Sale price $90.00 Sale. SOLOTICA NATURAL COLORS Cristal Crystal SOLOTICA NATURAL COLORS Cristal Crystal Regular price $100.00 Sale price $69.00 Sale. SOLOTICA HIDROCOR ICE. SOLOTICA HIDROCOR ICE. Regular price. Solotica Hidrocor lenses are known to be the world's most natural looking cosmetic color contact lenses and are available in three styles: Hidrocor, Hidrocharme and Natural. Hidrocore is the most opaque which means that it offers the highest coverage for your natural eye color and does not have a. Solotica Color Comparison; Hidrocor Mel vs Hidrocor Cristal? Hidrocor Mel vs Hidrocor Amber/Ambar? Hidrocor Amber vs Hidrocor Avela? Hidrocor Ocre vs Hidrocor Mel? Hidrocor Ocre vs Hidrocor Amber? Hidrocor Ocre vs Hidrocor Avela? I Have Dark/Tan Skin, How Does Solotica Lens Look On Me? I Have Dark/Brown Eyes, What Is The Best Solotica Lens for me?

Buy Authentic SOLOTICA Coloured Contact Lenses." Hidrocor, Hidrocharme & Natural. Most natural color contact lenses. Free express shipping Shop NOW. The beauty about Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses is that they emphasise the natural beauty that the eyes behold. With a longevity and vibrancy of up to 12 months, Solotica Coloured Contact Lenses are designed to add depth and life to your eyes.

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